Hi, my name is

Kamran Naveed Syed

I am a software engineer with a passion for tackling challenges and building high-quality solutions.

About Me

As a software engineer, I am driven by a passion for using technology to solve real-world problems. My specialty lies in Web Development using the JavaScript ecosystem, but i consider myself a generalist. In addition to my web development expertise, I am also highly interested in machine learning and automation, and am excited about the potential these technologies have to transform various industries.

I believe that the field of software engineering is constantly evolving, and it is essential to never stop learning in order to stay current and competitive. To this end, I am always seeking out opportunities to upskill, whether it be through online courses, attending conferences, or collaborating with my peers.

I am committed to continuous learning and growth, and am eager to join a team that shares my values and goals. I am excited to use my skills and passion to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the exciting field of technology. My personal mantra is reflected in the following quote:

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

- Anthony J. D'Angelo

My Skills

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • SQL
  • React
  • Redux
  • NextJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Material UI
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • React
  • MySQL
  • Firebase

My Projects

Razex chat

Real-time private chat app built with React and Firebase. Includes authentication, user sign-up/login and recent chat feed.

react node firebase


Facebook clone application built with React, Express and MongoDB. Includes registering/logging, posting, following and viewing feed functionalities

react express mongodb


Booking.com clone application built using React, Express and MongoDB. Includes booking, JWT authorization, and searching features.

react express mongodb


Ecommerce store for sound equipment. Built with NextJS and Sanity CMS, along with Stripe integration to handle payments

nextjs sanity stripe

Contact Me

Hi there! If you have any questions or would like to work with me, you can reach me at the following or by filling out the contact form.

New York, United States